When you're on the road, many trucks look like they are perfectly safe and operating normally. The drivers appears to be competent and following the rules of the road and are not distracted by anything. So, in these situations, how do trucking collisions happen? How can a perfect stable 18-wheeler go from cruising down the highway one minute, to tipping over and causing a serious accident?


One major cause of truck wrecks that people can't see from the outside is an overloaded truck. The driver or company may have put far too much cargo in the truck, or they may have tried to move too quickly and didn't take the time to secure the cargo properly. There are various state and federal regulations that these people should be following, but that doesn't mean they are.


Why is overloading a truck so dangerous? Here are just a few reasons:


  • Breaking distance increases, causing truck drivers to misjudge stopping distances
  • Tires can fail or pop because they may run hotter due to the increased load
  • If the load is not secure, it can shift when the truck makes a lane change and cause a rollover
  • It makes the truck more difficult to drive and it’s harder for the operator to keep it under control in all situations and conditions


It is illegal and incredibly dangerous when overloaded trucks are out on the road with other passenger vehicles. One quick decision can result in a serious trucking collision that could leave you or your loved ones catastrophically injured.


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