April 24, 2022

According to the CDC, US deaths as a result of COVID 19 are approximately One Million and excess deaths in US since start of COVID exceeds 1.1 Million people.

According to  OurWorldInData worldwide COVID 19 deaths exceed 6.2 Million. 

For up to the minute data, please take a moment and review the COVID-19 Coronavirus data tracker available by clicking here.

The Johns Hopkins Medical Center COVID-19 tracker is also available by clicking here.

Another good source of available data is healthdata.org

Current Dallas County TX COVID data is found here.

Also, the Dallas Bar Association has resources for its members on the DBA website, available by clicking here.

And, please also see our blog and library entries at the links below for additional COVID-19 Coronavirus Information.

Recent study shows that COVID 19 attacks the brain suggests future will be huge burden of disability in coming years. Read the study by clicking here. 

Recent study using human subjects shows COVID 19 has extremly high transmissibility. Read the study by clicking here.