In a new study published on June 1, 2020 in the medical journal "Circulation," the researchers were able to establish that an Apple watch can be effective in monitoring a patient's heart for 2-specific arrythmias: 1) atrial fibrillation [in which one portion of the heart beats in an uncoordinated fashion], and 2) QT-interval abnomalities [in which the heart takes too long to prepare for the next heartbeat]. While the Apple watch is effective in monitoring one-lead [or "view" of a heart's electrical function]at a time, researchers found that the watch can be placed at other locations on the body such as an ankle or on the chest to monitor other leads. This finding could prove important in the future to a physician's ability to monitor cardiac patients remotely in the era of COVID-19 and in similar or analogous circumstances. 

SOURCE: Circulation

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