There are many different birth injuries that can occur during labor; sometimes they are avoidable, sometimes they are not, but negligence on the part of the doctor is what makes the difference between malpractice and an unfortunate accident. One of these birth injuries is called cephalohematoma and there are times when this condition doesn't have to happen if a doctor is maintaining a certain standard of care.


Cephalohematoma is an area of bleeding underneath one of the cranial bones of the baby's head. It usually appears a few hours after birth and looks like a raised lump on the newborn's head. Most cephalohematomas will take anywhere from two weeks to three months to disappear as the body resorbs the blood. If the area of bleeding is especially large, some babies may develop jaundice as the red blood cells break down. They are also at-risk for infection and developing anemia.


Cephalohematoma usually happens when there is a prolonged labor or if the doctor use instruments to help get the baby out, like forceps or a vacuum. Although it normally clears up on its own, it needs to be closely monitored because it could be an indicator of a bigger problem. If the doctor did use some type of extraction instrument, the skull may have been fractured or there could have been some other type of head trauma involved.


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