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Cheers and Jeers for Methodist Health System of Dallas

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If you have a place in your heart for the underprivileged you may have a noticed an announcement that hit the Dallas papers on July 25, 2013 that Dallas Methodist Medical Center has opened a health clinic in Preston Hollow. You may have thought "what the...?"  Now, I am not going to accuse Preston Hollow of being one of the most affluent areas of town. Or, of being affluent at all, for that matter.  But, to give you an example, on the very same day the Preston Hollow People newspaper reported that one area resident at a certain address on Waggoner Drive experienced a burglary of his garage in which 3 bicycles were stolen along with some bicycle wheels. Total value? $25,050.00.  That's right.  Methodist Medical Center opens a health clinic in an area so underprivileged that a thief can score bicycles/accessories averaging over $8,000 apiece in one garage alone.  And, the neighborhood is home to former president George W. Bush and former presidential candidate Ross Perot, as well as one of the most exclusive private schools in the country.  So, what's going on here? Well, it turns out that the health clinic is located across from Bachman Lake and Love Field airport, which is an under-served area deserving of a health clinic. So, three cheers for the Methodist Health System for opening a needed health clinic. And, three jeers for the PR person who issued a press release that made the hospital system look like a bunch of jerks. 

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