By James Girards

You may recall Christopher Duntsch, MD. We've written about him a lot since the firm began representing some of his victims at Baylor Medical Center of Plano. He is the doctor Baylor allowed to operate on patient's spines despite information in his background of abuse of cocaine, LSD, hydrocodone, and alcohol. According to witnesses, he had a gallon jug of vodka under his desk at Baylor and swiped his surgical assistant's narcotics. A bag of white powder was found in a baggie in his office bathroom. Well, at the time of this writing Duntsch is being held in the Dallas County jail on $600,000 bail for 6 counts of felony aggravated assault for hurting those patients. The wheels of justice turn slowly, but apparently they still turn. It still remains to be seen who else will go to jail for allowing Duntsch to run amock in the operating room. Girards was interviewed by Channel 8 news on this new development in the case.

[B. Shipp (l) and J. Girards (r)]

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