Over the 10-year period between 1999 and 2008, there were 54 fatal motorcoach crashes resulting in 186 fatalities. During
this period, on average, 16 fatalities have occurred annually to occupants of motorcoaches in crash and rollover events, with
about 2 of these fatalities being drivers and 14 being passengers. However, while motorcoach transportation overall
is safe, when serious crashes of this vehicle type do occur, they can cause a significant number of fatal or serious injuries
during a single event, particularly when occupants are ejected.

We wouldn't think to put our loved one in a car without seat belts. But, the motorcoach lobby was able to limit the seat belt law that went into effect last year to only newly manufactured motorcoaches. [read the federal register entry here]. How many more tragedies must occur before the motorcoach industry will put seat belts in the motorcoaches that carry our grandparents or other family members?

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