By James Girards 

The Dallas Morning news wrote an editorial about Baylor's conduct related to neurosurgeon Christopher Duntsch. You can read it by clicking here. The editors adroitly point out how Baylor and other hospitals seem to be more interested in protecting doctors than protecting patients. This is undoubtedly true. But, there are a couple points the reader might consider reading this story. It seems pertinent that the Dallas Morning News was complicit in creating the problem when it advocated for passage of HB 4 and Proposition 12 back in 2003.  That is the legislation and constitutional amendment that made this situation possible in the first place. Strong tort laws make safe hospitals.  Take away the rights of patients and you get what we see at Baylor now. The second is Baylor's continued response to this situation: "We can't discuss it because of pending litigation."  Baylor undoubtedly has the right to not talk about it legally.  But, it doesn't have a moral right to not talk about it - especially if it wants to regain the confidence of the public and continue to exist as we know it today. When our kids misbehave we demand to know what they did and when they did it, don't we? And, we expect them to fess up.  Only then does forgiveness flow freely. But, there is no forgiveness until the bad actor confesses to the crime, repents for it, and makes it right. This also happens in criminal courts every day.  When a court accepts a plea of guilty for a serious crime it is only after the defendant states what he did in detail and answers all questions of the prosecutor.  The defendant also states under oath that he is confessing only because the charges are correct. But, not so with Baylor and the other hospitals who have done similar things. When a doctor is on staff at Baylor and kills and maims patients and is alleged to have been on cocaine at the time Baylor owes us more than "we can't talk about it due to pending litigation." If the law doesn't require more then certainly The One to whom Baylor professes to dedicate itself requires it.

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