By James Girards

As many know, we have been battling a multi-national corporation called Enbridge in its efforts to seize property owner's land against the landowner's will and install dangerous pipelines that in many cases rupture, permanently destroying neighborhoods, other property, wetlands, and drinking supplies. Enbridge has a reputation of failing to safely operate its pipelines. So, it caught our attention when days ago an exposed Enbridge natural gas pipeline exploded killing a mower operator in Rusk County, TX, which is in East Texas. The explosion was felt 17 miles away, according to residents of Carthage TX, which many of you will recall as the location of the events resulting in the movie "Bernie." A pipeline is supposed to be buried at least 36 inches underground in residential areas. Yet, a mower operator using brush clearing equipment died Tuesday, August 12, 2014 in Henderson TX when an exposed natural gas line was ruptured causing an explosion. The pipeline right of way was being cleared with a mulcher when the line was hit, causing an explosion and gas leak. Nearby residents were evacuated. The explosion occurred on Farm to Market 1798 East near the intersection of County Road 3122 in Rusk County, TX. Our hearts go out to the family of this gentleman, in what appears to be a completely needless tragedy caused by failures on the part of the pipeline owner/operator.

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