It is sad to see some negligent medical professionals slip through the cracks so many times, and ultimately, cause harm to many people. A recent example of this is Scott Harrington, an oral surgeon from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Up until March, when he voluntarily gave up his license, Harrington had been practicing for 36 years. In 1994, he was sued for medical malpractice, and the case was settled in 1995. He was also sued for negligence in 1997, but that was settled out of court that same year. You'd think these incidents would be clues that perhaps Harrington was not so competent, but he continued to practice for nearly 20 years after his medical malpractice case.

Now, Harrington faces possible criminal charges after creating a public health scare involving at least 7,000 of his patients. The Oklahoma Board of Dentistry filed a 17-count complaint citing Harrington as a "menace to the public health" because when his office was inspected, officials found rusty instruments, potentially contaminated drug vials, and improper use of a machine designed to sterilize tools. Once the unsafe practices were discovered, letters were sent to his 7,000 patients encouraging them to get screened for hepatitis B and C, as well as the HIV virus. 

Harrington and his staff are possibly facing at least two felony charges, which include practicing dentistry without a license and aiding or abetting another person who is violating the state's dental act. Each crime carries a prison term up to four years and a $10,000 fine. 

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