By James E. Girards

The firm has won an important decision in the lawsuit it has brought against the notorious compounding pharmacy in MA and local Dallas clinic. The pharmacy produced steroids contaminated with pathogens that caused many deaths and serious injuries. Many clinics continued to use compounded medications produced by the pharmacy months or years after it was widely known that the pharmacy was being penalized for substandard practices and posed a high and needless risk to patient safety. The decision by the MA Court comes after Dallas Back Pain Management and its physician Abbeselom Ghermay, MD asked the court to throw out the case. This is a common tactic among insurance companies to delay cases, run up costs, and escape a jury's scrutiny. The MA Court rejected the attempt and cleared the path for plaintiff to proceed with preparation of the case for trial. The MA Court decision can be read by clicking here.  The National Law Journal coverage of the opinion can be read by clicking here.

For help in a contaminated pharmaceutical case or for more information on the work we are doing in the NECC case, please contact the firm at one of the offices below:

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