By James Girards

In yet another crazy twist in the story of Baylor Plano and "allegedly" cocaine-fueled neurosurgeon Christopher Duntsch who killed and maimed his way through North Texas, you'll never believe who is using your tax money to join the lawsuit.  On March 24, 2014 the Attorney General of Texas, Greg Abbott, joined the lawsuit by filing a document known as an "Intervention." [I know, appropriate term, right?] You might think that he is doing that to protect the patients' rights to redress using our court system. You might think Mr. Abbott is going to take the side of the patients who were asleep while the "allegedly" cocaine-fueled neurosurgeon needlessly cut through nerves, muscles, and blood vessels leaving some dead, others severely wounded, and one a quadriplegic. You might think Abbott is going to take the side of the Texas Medical Board who took away the neurosurgeon's license after hearing the neurosurgeon admit to abusing Xanax, Oxycontin, and Hydrocodone. You might think Abbott is taking the side of the Texas Department of State Health Services which is currently investigating Baylor's decision to not only fail to proctor the surgeon after it internally decided that was needed after hearing from a patient that Duntsch was doing 8-balls of cocaine the night before that particular surgery, and then wrote a letter of recommendation that allowed Duntsch to maim and kill others at various Dallas area hospitals. You might even think that Greg Abbott is going to stand with the score of doctors who witnessed what Duntsch had done and uniformly describe Duntsch as a sociopath who possesses the worst surgical skills that can be imagined in someone operating on people's spinal cords. If you thought those things you'd be wrong. While one Texas agency is using your tax dollars to hold the hospital accountable, Attorney General Greg Abbott is using your tax dollars to come to the aid of the hospital that kept a sociopathic drug-fueled surgeon on its staff, and both enabled and prolonged the whole disaster, then dumped the surgeon on other hospital's doorsteps. You can read the document by clicking here.  You can read past blogs about Duntsch and review relevant documents by clicking here.  As they say, "only in Texas..."

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