Last year, New England Compounding Pharmacy's negligence resulted in a widespread outbreak of fungal meningitis. Hundreds of people were infected and over 50 individuals died. Fungal meningitis is when the brain and spinal cord lining become inflamed because the membranes protecting those areas become infected with fungus. It is very rare and not contagious, but it is extremely serious for those that do contract this disease.

When someone gets fungal meningitis, there are obviously several negative physical effects that occur. However, it is not always discussed what the long term consequences can be for individuals who become infected. What happens after treatment? Can those who were infected by New England Compounding Pharmacy expect more pain in the future? Some of the far-reaching effects of fungal meningitis include:

  • Long term exposure to anti-fungal medications can cause kidney damage, hair loss, hallucinations and liver problems.
  • Headaches, dizziness or loss of balance
  • Seizures or epilepsy
  • Loss of hearing or sight
  • Memory problems or lack of concentration
  • Difficulties with speech

For the individuals who received tainted steroid shots from New England Compounding Pharmacy, some had and continue to have trouble figuring out what is/was wrong and what kind of treatment is necessary. Many were elderly and were having trouble with back pain. Therefore it was hard to tell if what they were experiencing was a result of fungal meningitis or their pre-existing condition.

If you suspect you were a victim of New England Compounding Pharmacy's fungal meningitis outbreak and you live in Oklahoma, Texas or Arkansas, contact Girards Law today for a free consultation at 888-897-2762.

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