House Explosions Due To Joint Failures in Gas Pipeline Networks

Home explosions due to natural gas leaks continue to be a source of horrific injuries and deaths across the country. Most people don’t realize the significant risks associated with recognized problems with the failure of mechanical joints connecting pipes in the pipeline distribution networks in natural gas distribution systems that the operators of those pipelines have failed to correct. According to government resources, natural gas distribution networks are plagued by problems with decoupling of mechanical pipe joints resulting from soil movement or degradation of materials in components of the pipeline networks allowing gas to leak and accumulate quickly to dangerous levels.

U.S. Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration Office of Pipeline Safety has published reports and advisories on mechanical joint failure issues. Unfortunately, many pipeline operators fail to adhere to these standards. Such failures oftentimes are only revealed when a gas leak results in an explosion.

You can read US DOT Mechanical Joint Failure Report by clicking here.

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