An important part of being a truck driver is knowing how to safely operate a monstrous vehicle, however; there's still more to the job when it comes to safety. A huge piece of running a successful trucking operation is keeping up with vehicle maintenance. Proper maintenance is imperative to having a fleet that is safe and efficient on the road, and it is also the law. The Federal Motor Carrier Administration is very clear about maintenance standards that apply to any and all drivers, agents, representatives, and employees who are directly involved with the maintenance of vehicles. Poor truck maintenance can spell trouble for all people responsible and any innocent parties who end up being directly affected.


When a truck is not properly taken care of, equipment begins to fail and the threat of danger begins to increase. It is dangerous enough when a passenger vehicle blows a tire or loses braking capabilities—imagine the damage that can occur if and when that happens to an 18-wheeler? Areas of the truck that require special attention include:


  • Brakes – Old or worn-out brakes can fail, providing no way for a speeding truck to slow down or stop.


  • Steering – If the steering fails, it becomes very easy for a truck driver to lose control of their vehicle.
  • Tires – Truck tires take quite a beating and if they do not undergo regular maintenance, they will eventually blow out or go flat.


  • Lights – If the lights on a big rig fail, it can be hard for other drivers to see it on a dark night. An accident could easily happen.


When drivers and companies are negligent and allow their poorly maintained trucks on the road, innocent people like you end up getting hurt or killed. If you were injured by a trucking collision in Texas, Oklahoma or Arkansas and you would like to speak with a truck accident attorney, contact The Girards Law Firm today for a free consultation at 888-333-9709.


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