Recognizing the critical importance of a good Patient Safety System in each hospital, we pioneered a "Systems Approach" to hospital accountability in medical malpractice cases. The idea is that people are human and make mistakes. Therefore, the hospital system should be designed in a manner that prevents foreseeable errors from reaching the bedside and causing needless harm to the patient.  This is a proven and effective approach to safety issues in other industries such as aviation and manufacturing. Because hospital systems are protected by secrecy laws it is the only industry that has not had to adopt these kinds of systems to protect patients because there is much lower accountability when you don't have a right to find out the details of what actually happened to your loved one. So it was with great interest that we noticed a Primer on Hospital Systems Approach for Hospital Safety.  For those interested in how a systems approach to hospital accountability works, I encourage you to read this excellent discussion. I've included the reference documents as well to save the reader trouble of tracking them down.

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