For those keeping score, multi-billion dollar Canadian company Enbridge has come into Texas as part of the Seaway Crude Pipeline Company and is taking Texan's land against their will for the pipeline.  We allege it is a private company taking land for private profit [and a lot of it] in violation of Article 1, section 17 of the Texas Constitution. Enbridge says it is for our own good - you know, the usual stuff: temporary increase in local jobs, more money into our economy, lower fuel prices, etc.  But, not only is the economic impact much lower than Enbridge wants you to know about, temporary at best, and Enbridge's own documents say that gas prices will go up because of the pipeline, but thanks to an eagle-eyed Property Rights Patriot in North Texas, we now know that the actual pipe being put into the ground is made in India!  That's right folks.  We don't even get any manufacturing jobs out of this multi-billion dollar boondoggle. See for yourself:

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