Sharing the road with huge tractor-trailers can be quite scary, but if you are able to stay out of their blind spots, you've already dramatically decreased your chances of getting into a trucking collision. Yes, the truck should be looking out for you and it may not be your fault if they hit you, but you must remember one important fact: the truck always wins in an accident. A loaded tractor-trailer can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, while your car probably weighs in the ballpark of 4,000 pounds. If a tractor-trailer crashes into you, you may not walk away from the accident; in this case, it's better to be overly safe than sorry.


If you're not familiar with blind spots, these are simply locations on the road where a truck driver can't see you. Their mirrors are there to help them, but the trucks are so large that it's impossible to see everywhere. The three main blind spots for trucks that you should be aware of are:


  • Directly behind the truck. You may wonder, "How can I get into an accident with a truck if I'm driving behind them?" If you're following too closely and they hit their brakes suddenly, you could go crashing into the back of the truck.  Don't tailgate a truck.


  • Directly in front of the truck and one lane to the right. You'd think a truck driver would be able to see you if you are directly in front of his vehicle, but you need to keep in mind how high truck drivers are in their cabs. They are so high up and they are not able to look straight down and see your car. If cars are stopping up ahead, a truck driver could crush your car between their truck and the vehicle in front of you.


  • Next to the truck’s right (passenger side) door. The driver is simply too far away to be able to look down out of the window and see you. If you're in the right lane next to a truck, let them pass you.


If you do your best to stay aware of a truck's blind spots, you'll make great strides toward staying safe on the roadways.


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