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Robotic Exoskeleton now Approved for Brain Injury Patients

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In our representation of brain and spinal cord injury patients, we continue to focus on recovery of damages to pay for future medical advances, in addition to the damages typically allowable for such patients under the law. So, we are excited to learn that the exoskeleton developed by Ekso Bionics has now been FDA-approved for rehabilitation of brain injury patients. The EksoNR exoskeleton allows a patient who has suffered a brain injury to walk in a full weight-bearing mode with graded assistance from the exoskeleton. This has been proven to help retrain the damaged brain in order to maximize recoverable function. Eventually, we foresee similar exoskeletons, such as those developed by ReWalk, to be available to the public at a reasonable cost so that brain and spinal cord injury patients can maximize their physical function and participation in their communities. This FDA-clearance brings us one step closer to that eventuality. We continue to be excited about the benefits this and other developing technologies bring to our clients' lives.

The Girards Law Firm represents those who have suffered severe brain and spinal cord injuries as a result of the wrongful conduct of others.


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