Spinal cord injury is a devastating neurological state that results in physical dependency dysfunction, psychological stress & huge financial burdens. Even a mild spinal cord injury is life-changing. The spinal cord injury patients we have represented experienced their injuries from a variety of sources including car and truck crashes, warehouse or workplace disasters, sporting events, or medical misadventures in the operating room or post-anesthesia care units. Available treatments are limited and typically provide only supportive relief to patients with lifetime disability.


[Injury to Servical Spinal Cord]

It is estimated that up to 500,000 people worldwide suffer a spinal cord injury every year. The personal costs for each patient exceed 3-million dollars on average and the societal costs are in the billions. From a public policy perspective, it is important that those who cause spinal cord injuries to other people through negligence or other wrongful conduct bear those costs where feasible rather than imposing those costs on taxpayers through government or other public sources.

The effect of a spinal cord injury varies widely depending on the nature and level of injury. An SCI will affect every bodily organ system. Mechanism of injury can range from severance of neuronal tracts from foreign objects such as projectiles or from bony fragments of a vertebral fracture to physiologic insult due to extended or extreme pressure caused by hematomas, for example. When the spinal cord suffers such an insult biochemical and vascular changes take place along with ionic dysregulation and an inflammatory state that exacerbates the injury. Unlike other bodily tissues, the spinal cord does not heal itself. Nerve signals to or from the brain do not pass a complete transection and are diminished or absent with a partial injury. For this reason, it is rarely possible to accurately predict the extent of recovery after a partial SCI until months or years have passed.

At Girards Law Firm, we use our deep knowledge and experience with spinal cord injuries to help our clients navigate the legal system and obtain the full measure of justice to which they are entitled when they are injured by the wrongful conduct of others. 

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