Being in a car accident in Arkansas, Texas, or Oklahoma is a devastating event. Not only are you in pain from the physical trauma caused by the impact of the collision, but you are left to feel scared and vulnerable as the confusion of the situation ensues. This is the time when many people fear that they may make a mistake to hurt themselves in the long run.

At our Dallas personal injury law firm, we understand the confusion you face during this chaotic period. To help, here are three common mistakes people make and how to avoid them so that you do not hurt your chances of receiving a fair and just settlement:

1.Don’t tell anyone immediately after the crash that you were not hurt. In truth, you will not know how seriously you have been injured. Your body does a good job of masking the pain caused by the accident at first, but as your adrenaline ebbs, you may find that your injuries are more severe than you first thought. Avoid telling the police or anyone that you are not hurt. Seek medical treatment immediately, just in case.

2.Don’t talk to the other driver’s insurance company. Once the other driver calls his insurance company, an insurance adjuster will be put on your case. The adjuster may call you and try to get you to make a recorded statement. Anything you say can be used against you and cause you to lose valuable money in your settlement. You have the right to politely decline a conversation with the adjuster; call your Texas personal injury attorney instead.

3.Don’t speak to anyone you did not personally reach out to. Some lawyers and doctors try to target people who they know have been hurt in a car wreck. These people may not be acting in your best interest. Instead, wait and only talk to someone you personally contact.

If you have been hurt by another driver’s negligence, we can help you overcome your fears and worries after the accident. Contact a Dallas auto accident attorney that you trust to be your partner, offer professional guidance and help ease your burden in this difficult time. Call the Girards Law Firm today at 214-556-4550 or 888-809-4681 to schedule a FREE attorney consultation about your case.

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