By James Girards.

We recently obtained a copy of an email written by disgraced neurosugeon Christopher Duntsch to his surgical assistant.  The email string begins with one written by him at 4:01 a.m. on Friday, December 9, 2011, weeks prior to a particularly catastrophic string of surgeries that left patients in morgues and rehab centers. It was after personnel knew that he had a "handle" of Stoli vodka under his death and somewhere around the time that a baggie of white powder had been found in his office bathroom. It was long after his erratic behavior had been talked about at Baylor. And, it was after he had apparently dodged drug screens at Baylor.  It was long after one anonymous report to the medical school said Duntsch liked to do drugs before he operated on patients.  We blogged about that at the link found here. The email gives a peak inside a very disturbed mind. All of which begs the question, how on God's green earth did Baylor allow this man onto its staff? Why did Baylor not act on what it already knew and kick him off?  Why did Baylor later write letters of recommendation for him? And why should Baylor walk away from this disaster without responsibility for the injuries and deaths that resulted from Baylor's inactions? And, how did Baylor get Greg Abbott to come to its aid in their defense?

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