By James Girards.

Many of you have been keeping track of the continuing saga of allegedly cocaine using Baylor neurosurgeon Christopher Duntsch. Since last writing about this issue we have begun gathering sworn testimony of the witnesses involved. Recently, we took the sworn testimony of Duntsch's surgical assistant while they worked together at Baylor. In this video excerpt, the letter of recommendation that Baylor wrote for Duntsch after he had maimed and killed patients is the topic. You may recall seeing the letter dated April 22, 2012 that was published in the Dallas Morning News. That letter stated unequivocally that Duntsch's privileges had never been subject to restrictions or suspensions  In this video excerpt, Duntsch's surgical assistant states that the letter is false; that Duntsch had been restricted from performing surgeries at Baylor Plano. Watch the short video excerpt here. The letter being discussed is the letter that Baylor wrote knowing that Duntsch would use it to seek privileges to do surgery at other hospitals. He actually used it for that purpose and killed and maimed a few other patients around town. To this date no one at Baylor has lost his or her job for this. Worse yet, Baylor claims that it has no responsibility for these injuries and deaths due to the so-called "tort-reform" legislation passed in 2003. Baylor is essentialy saying it has a license to lie when patient's lives are at stake - with no responsibility at all for the results. The lawmakers who passed the statute might be surprised to hear that. But, they won't do anything about it unless the readers of this blog pass this around and those legislators are contacted and demands are made for them to protect patients from hospitals like Baylor.

To contact your legislator click on this link and put in your address. Don't wait.  Do it today.

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