Not all motor vehicle crashes are created equal, and that is very apparent when dealing with car crashes vs. truck crashes. 

Most 18-wheelers can be anywhere upward of 30,000 pounds, and the average car is around 4,000 pounds. Think of the damage that occurs when two "normal" cars crash into each other; now, replace one of those cars with an 18-wheeler, and you have a serious problem on your hands. Truck accidents frequently result in injuries that are considered catastrophic, if individuals survive at all. 

Tractor-trailer accidents also happen for different reasons—sometimes simply because they operate differently than a regular passenger vehicle. Truck accidents can occur because of:

  • Roll-overs. This could be due to equipment malfunction, unfavorable road conditions, or driver error. 
  • Jackknifing. This happens when there's a delayed reaction time and disabled front brakes in a truck
  • Braking Malfunctions. If a large truck has a brake malfunction, there can be some scary consequences. 
  • Fuel Fires. Tractor-trailers are usually carrying a lot of fuel, and one spark can be deadly. 

Another frustrating aspect of truck accidents is that you're not just dealing with the truck driver—you're also dealing with the company they work for and that company's insurance company. It can be even tougher to get the compensation you are entitled to following an accident, and that is where a trucking collision lawyer comes in to play. 

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