For many people, reaching out to a lawyer is something new. You may not have ever thought that you need a Dallas personal injury lawyer, but suddenly you have found yourself with severe or catastrophic injuries after a car wreck.

The professional guidance a Dallas car accident attorney can give to you is invaluable. Without guidance, you may risk not getting full compensation for your injuries, medical bills, property damage costs and lost wages. Here are three ways an experienced Texas traffic injury lawyer can help you:

  • You need help determining who the responsible party is. Even if the other driver took blame for the car accident in Texas, Oklahoma, or Arkansas, the insurance adjuster will make his own independent decision about who was at fault. If the adjuster believes you have even partial responsibility for the accident, you may receive a much smaller compensation offer. If there is any doubt over who caused the accident, hire an attorney.
  • Your injuries were severe and require long-term treatment. If you need long-term medical care, you will be forced to pay medical bills for years to come. In this situation, a lawyer can work with you to help you get payment for future medical expenses.
  • You do not know how much you should ask for in a settlement. The first settlement offer you receive from the insurance company is usually far less than what you will have to pay for your medical care—and it won’t cover your lost income from work, either. If you are unsure of how much you deserve after a car wreck, an attorney can help.

With the help of a Dallas auto accident lawyer, you do not have to go it alone as you battle through your treatments. Contact us today at 214-556-4550 or 888-809-4681 to get the professional guidance you need as you recover from this traumatic event.