If your loved one was injured due to a medical professional's negligence, this can be considered a form of medical malpractice. When you entrusted your family member's care to the nursing home staff, there is a reasonable expectation for a certain standard of care. Accidents happen, but you need to figure out if your loved one was injured because of negligence or an honest mistake when someone was doing everything in their power to help. 

You are completely within your rights to request copies of all records related to care, as well as any other documentation the nursing home has related to your family member's health. Comb through that paperwork, and look for any discrepancies. Talk to the staff and anyone in the home who may have witnessed any neglectful behavior, and let the nursing home administrator know that you're concerned about what happened when your loved one was injured. 

Malpractice in a nursing home can be difficult to outwardly prove, sometimes due to the fact that people love to claim that the person was old and sick to begin with. They attribute illnesses and accidents to age rather than the nursing home’s failure to meet a certain standard of care. If you suspect something fishy is going on, it's in your best interest to speak with a medical malpractice lawyer. They will know what to look for and how to build your case, if one indeed exists. 

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