Surgeries are constantly happening all around the country at all hours of the day and night; from routine procedures to the most complicated, life-saving operations. Surgeons require years of training before they are able to work in an operating room, but even with all of the schooling and high salaries, they have the potential to make mistakes. We're all human and mistakes happen, but medical malpractice comes into play when that surgeon makes a bad decision that other doctors in his situation would not have made.


Surgical errors are one of the more common forms of medical malpractice that we encounter in our Texas medical malpractice law firm. These errors come in many forms, but they all can have an incredibly negative effect on a patient's life. These common surgical errors include:


  • Leaving surgical tools inside the body. This is a scary thought, but it has happened to many people. Some doctors have left things like scalpels or clamps, but we've also seen a lot of cases involving sponges.


  • Performing the wrong operation. This can take a couple of different forms. Some surgeons perform a surgery that has nothing to do with what the patient needs, while some surgeons may operate on the wrong body part – for example, operating on the right leg instead of the left leg.


  • Anesthesia mistakes. Anesthesia plays a huge role in making surgery comfortable for a patient, but if it is not properly administered or monitored, a person can suffer permanent injuries or even die.


  • Post surgery infections. Infections happen after surgery, but if your doctor doesn't catch the infection and treat it properly, you could be in big trouble.


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