It can be a little unnerving to share the road with large trucks sometimes. They are so much larger than your car, and while it's their job to drive safely and look out for other vehicles, you also need to look out for yourself in the event they aren't paying attention. 

If you find yourself on the highway near an 18-wheeler, consider these tips to avoid a trucking collision and potentially save your life. 

  1. Be aware of the truck's blind spots, and stay out of them. Think of the spots you aren't able to see while in your vehicle, and then imagine that on a much, much larger scale for truck drivers. There's no way for them to see everything around their huge truck and it's in your best interest to not drive directly alongside a truck. Either stay far behind, or pass quickly to get ahead of them. 
  2. Be on alert near highway entrance ramps. Whether you're merging onto the highway, or a truck is merging onto the highway you're already driving on, entrance ramps can get messy. You're both driving quickly toward each other, and if one person isn't paying attention or tries to muscle their way through, it's possible to get run off the road or collide. 
  3. Don't hesitate to report a truck driver. Most truck drivers you encounter are driving for a larger company, so if they are not driving safely, consider reporting them to their superiors. If they are driving extremely erratically and are putting lives in danger, a call to 911 may be necessary to get them off the road immediately. 

Even when we do so much to avoid truck accidents, they still happen. If you were driving safely, and a negligent truck driver caused a serious accident that left you injured, you may be entitled to seek compensation. Call the Dallas trucking collision attorneys at Girards Law for a free consultation at 888-897-2762.