Eye surgery can be very nerve wracking for a patient because, although most eye procedures are not considered life-or-death issues, one slip of the hand can make your world go dark forever. Even letting a simple infection go undiagnosed can be life changing. How does this happen? Sometimes these things are simple mistakes due to human error, but not necessarily because the doctor was acting negligently. However, doctors are expected to maintain a certain standard of care, and if it is determined that they were not holding up their end of the bargain in that way, they may find themselves facing a medical malpractice lawsuit. 

When it comes to ophthalmology, there are certain medical errors our clients are commonly victims of:

  • Lasik eye surgery: Lasik eye surgery has become a popular way to correct vision, but with its cost being fairly high, some people will end up going to less-than-reputable doctors because the price seems right. If done incorrectly, you could end up with extremely dry eyes or diminished vision. Additionally, not everyone is a good candidate for Lasik, and it is up to your doctor to do the proper discovery to make sure it is right for you. 
  • Glaucoma: This is an eye disease in which there is high pressure in the fluid that fills the eye. Some doctors fail to diagnose glaucoma properly, which results in possible permanent loss of eye sight for the patient.   
  • Cataracts: Cataract surgery has become a common procedure for eye doctors, but sometimes the most commonplace of procedures see the most errors. Why? The doctor has become comfortable diagnosing and operating, and after a while, they may not be as careful as they used to be. 

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