Giving birth is an amazing experience for any woman and those first few moments with your child are truly precious. But what happens when you realize that your baby's face doesn't look quite right? Is it possible that your newborn has facial paralysis? Coming to this realization can be devastating and it can leave you wondering if this is the result of genetics or a birth injury that could have been avoided.


There are various genetics syndromes that may include facial paralysis. An example of a genetic cause is Moebius Syndrome – a neurological disorder that is present at birth. It leaves babies unable to move their faces or move their eyes laterally. This wouldn't really be considered a birth injury as it is believed to be genetic and usually sporadic.


If the newborn facial paralysis is not genetic, it could have been caused by an injury to the baby's facial nerve just before or at the time of delivery. The use of forceps or other instruments to deliver the baby can easily cause damage, though they are not utilized as frequently as they were in the past. If various instruments were not used to deliver the baby, the facial paralysis could have been caused by a long pregnancy or labor, an unusually large baby, the use of epidural anesthesia, or the use of medication to induce labor.


In some cases, this facial paralysis can be treated and possibly completely erased. However, more serious injuries can result in permanent birth injuries that can change a child's life forever. It is essential that the injury is caught and treated as soon as possible to give the baby a fighting chance.


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