Have you ever heard someone that was ill say that they "feel like they've been hit by a truck"? It's a common phrase, but until you've actually been in an accident with a truck, you have no idea how much pain a victim can be in.


With thousands of pounds of steel crashing into you and your vehicle, the chances of you walking away without some kind of serious injury are slim. One extremely painful injury some trucking collision victims can suffer from is a herniated disc. Herniated discs happen as a person ages, but aside from natural wear-and-tear, they are generally caused by an injury that causes small tears or cracks in the hard outer layer of the disc. Discs are normally sponge-like and act as shock absorbers for the spine, but when a disc gets damaged it can bulge, break open or break into pieces. This may also be referred to as a slipped disc or a ruptured disc.


How Can You Know if You Have a Herniated Disc After a Truck Accident?


Herniated discs can be difficult to pinpoint because some people feel immense pain right away, while others may not have any back pain at first. If a herniated disc presses on a person's nerve roots, they are most likely to feel the injury because nerves are so sensitive. Other than pain, a person with a herniated disc may have numbness, weakness, or even loss of bladder or bowel control.


Even if you're not sure if you have a herniated disc, you should see a medical professional immediately following a trucking collision. Symptoms are not always readily apparent, but a trained medical professional will know what to do and how to examine you to prevent any further damage.


If you are diagnosed with a herniated disc, treatment options your doctor may recommend could include using a heating pad, doing specific exercises, meeting with a physical therapist and medicine to help with pain and swelling.


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