Pipelines travel throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and the rest of the U.S. carrying various flammable liquids and gasses. Unfortunately, sometimes things go horribly wrong and extreme fiery explosions can occur—injuring both pipeline workers and innocent bystanders who are living or working nearby. One of the scariest realities of a pipeline explosion are the severe burns that victims can suffer from.

The most severe burn a person can get is a third-degree burn; this means that the skin has been damaged or completely destroyed down to its full depth and underlying tissues. When someone receives a third-degree burn, an immediate blood transfusion and/or extra fluids are needed to maintain blood pressure. Skin grafting is common for victims of severe burns, meaning that the burned skin is removed and then covered with skin from another part of their body, another person, or even a cadaver. The recovery period is long and painful and will almost always leave behind scars as a reminder of the injury.

Few people stop to consider the psychological effects of a severe burn injury, but it can be very overwhelming for some people. Burn victims have to deal with a possible radical change in their appearance because of scarring and disfigurement. This can cause an individual to feel sad, anxious, irritable, helpless, distant and overall stressed out. It is essential that pipeline explosion burn survivors seek emotional support from trained professionals and/or other survivors as they adjust to their new "normal”.

Burn victims usually face a lifetime of medical bills and the cost can be completely overwhelming. When the injuries are the direct result of a pipeline explosion, the negligent party or parties should be held legally and financially accountable. If you or a loved one was severely burned by a pipeline explosion, contact the dangerous pipeline attorneys at The Girards Law Firm for a free consultation at 888-333-9709.