When you're a commercial truck driver, drug testing is a required part of the job. If you use illegal drugs like cocaine, marijuana, or heroin, you're more than likely going to be standing in the unemployment line before you can blink. Unfortunately, several truck drivers are getting around these tests by using legal prescription drugs in an illegal way. In general, prescription drug abuse is on the rise across the country, and individuals who drive trucks are not immune from this growing epidemic. 

Some truck drivers take prescription medication because they feel like it will make them better at their job. A large part of delivering cargo is how quickly you can get it there, so some drivers will take medication that helps fight fatigue and gives them a boost of energy or extra concentration. 

Other truck drivers who take prescription drugs may just be doing so because they use them recreationally and have become addicted or dependent. They may have started off using these drugs on their days off as a way to unwind, but overtime, their dependency grew, and they started using while on the job, as well. 

Though truck drivers may be taking prescription drugs for a variety of reasons, the dangers are all still very much the same. If a commercial truck driver is taking certain medication while he is driving, he could black out, go into cardiac arrest, overdose, or make an extremely bad decision. Having too much of a drug in his system could cause him to have blurred vision and impaired judgment—two things that really don't make for safe driving conditions. 

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