Car insurance is one of those things we have to have, but don't necessarily understand. When you were purchasing your policy, you may have been coached through it by the insurance company's representative and were just trying to get through the whole ordeal as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Unfortunately, when people actually get into a car crash, they have no idea what kind of coverage they have and what it all means. 

  • Liability Coverage. Liability coverage is what will protect you in the event you caused a car accident. States will have minimum requirements for the amount of liability coverage you have to carry, but if you can afford a higher monthly premium, you may want to carry above the state requirement. Between physical damage to the car and medical expenses, car crashes can get very expensive very quickly. If you don't have enough coverage, the other driver can take you to court for the remaining amount of money they need. 
  • Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist. Adding this to your car insurance policy can be a true life-saver. This is going to cover you in the event you are in a car accident caused by a driver who has no car insurance or not enough car insurance. This is also helpful for hit-and-run accidents where you've been hurt and there's no one around to take the blame. 
  • Medical Payment Coverage. This protects you and any passengers injured in a car accident. People don't always realize how important this is if they have health insurance, but medical payment coverage can cover everything for you without having to deal with health insurance deductibles. Your personal health insurance also doesn't protect your passengers as medical payment coverage does. 

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