Posted on Nov 07, 2013

Hit-and-run drivers in Oklahoma are causing some big problems. A recent article in News OK took a look at the fact that there are about 400 hit-and-run wrecks every single month in the state, and it's possible that a good chunk of those fleeing are related to uninsured drivers.


Kelly Collins, Oklahoma Insurance Department spokeswoman, said that Oklahoma is number three in the nation for the most uninsured drivers; nearly one-fourth of all Oklahoma drivers are uninsured. If the driver that is hit does not have uninsured motorist coverage or not enough coverage, they can be left with medical bills and other charges they simply cannot afford.


One woman, Kristina Stoltz, 24, was involved in a hit-and-run accident last year. She was waiting to turn left into a McDonald's when a Jeep going 65 mph crashed into her. While Stoltz was assessing her injuries, the driver of the Jeep hopped the curb and fled the scene. Unfortunately, there were no witnesses and the police said that finding a car without a license plate is like finding a needle haystack. Stoltz suffered three bulging discs in her neck, three more in her lower back, arthritis in her lower spine and a mouth of cracked teeth. The injuries have changed her life forever and she hasn't been able to hold anyone accountable.


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