New England Compounding Center closed its doors in October of last year, but that doesn't mean their victims have been able to lead normal lives again. The Boston Globe recently published a story discussing how many victims are not able to work, but they still haven't received any kind of compensation for their injuries either. At least 619 victims have sued or filed a legal claim against the New England Compounding Center, and it is anticipated that even more victims will come forward looking for damages as well.


One of the biggest hold-ups in paying victims is the fact that the compounding pharmacy filed for bankruptcy and simply doesn't have the money to pay out for these claims. Because of that, it's taking a lot of time and energy to determine other parties that may be liable. Attorneys are trying to go after the pharmacy's owners and other companies the family owns—including a real estate firm and a recycling business. A large chunk of compensation could also come from the insurance policies purchased by New England Compounding Center and its pharmacists.


Aside from those options, lawyers are also looking at anyone else that can be held liable. They've already subpoenaed about 80 health care providers who administered the tainted steroid injections as well as many of New England Compounding's vendors. Many companies are fighting these claims, saying they had nothing to do with the compounding pharmacy's negligent actions.


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