Birth injuries can occur for a variety of reasons, but it's how your doctor handles the situation that determines whether or not their negligence may be at fault. They may have made a decision that was 100 percent negligent and was directly responsible for your child's injury, but they also may have made a negligent decision when your child was already in some kind of distress not caused by the doctor. Sometimes it can be hard to really tell who is at fault for a birth injury, but an experienced malpractice attorney will be able to analyze the situation and help you understand.


Regardless of fault, there are a few major reasons why birth injuries occur:


  • Prolonged or especially difficult labor
  • The size of the baby. If a baby is too large (about 9 pounds or more) or too small (usually born before 37 weeks), they can get hurt
  • Cephalopelvic disproportion, which means the mother's pelvis is not an adequate size or shape for a safe vaginal delivery
  • Abnormal birthing presentation, such as when the baby is breech


If one or more of these situations happen during a birth, it is possible that the baby will be injured. These injuries could involve bleeding (internal or external), swelling, bruising, fractures, paralysis, nerve damage, and the development of some type of palsy.


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