New England Compounding Center's situation is definitely frustrating—well over 600 people have sued or filed some kind of lawsuit (with many more expected) and the company closed down last year and filed for bankruptcy. The attorneys at Girards Law Firm, and others throughout the nation, are expecting this to be a long process...but it is definitely not hopeless. We are exploring many different avenues to find payment for damages.


First of all, the compounding pharmacy and its pharmacists had insurance; up to $29 million could be paid out from these policies to victims. Additionally, earlier in the year, a judge froze up to $21 million in profits and other payments that New England Compounding Center made to owners and other insiders in the year leading up to its bankruptcy; some of this could be used to pay victims.


On top of those two options, attorneys are also going after any and every party that could be liable in some way. These parties include about 80 health care providers who administered the tainted steroid shots, the company that cleaned the pharmacy's clean room, the company that helped design the clean room and the research lab that tested some of the drugs that were distributed. If anything, there's a hope that these companies might contribute money to a fund for victims in exchange for a promise of immunity from further litigation.


If you became ill because of a tainted shot you received from New England Compounding Center, you should speak with a compounding pharmacy attorney right away about your options. Contact The Girards Law Firm today for a free consultation at 888-333-9709.