Posted on Sep 11, 2013

A dangerous curve in El Paso is being blamed for a number of Texas car crashes that have occurred on that stretch of road over the past few years. The most recent car wreck happened last week and though no one was injured, it left many residents worried about future injuries and destruction.


At around 1:30 a.m. in the 11000 block of Dick Mayers, a red pickup truck lost control while driving on the curve. The truck drove up onto the front yard of a home, crashed through a rock wall on the property and then hit a fishing boat and trailer parked out front. A white sedan in the driveway was nearly hit, but was luckily left undamaged. The El Paso Police Department arrested two men in connection with the crash. One man was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and the other man had outstanding warrants.


Residents of the neighborhood around the curve are trying to call attention to the problem because they say that several accidents have happened there. One woman said her front gate was damaged last year, while another person's front wall was damaged in another crash. They are hoping the city will put more safety measures into place to alert drivers to the danger. The city did install one light near the curve about a year ago after receiving many complaints, but it doesn't appear to be helping.


"Maybe reduce the speed? I'm not sure, because apparently that little light doesn't help. There needs to be more light, the speed humps, reflectors, everything, because it's happened way too many times," said Nicole Schaffer, a resident of the neighborhood.

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