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Are You Unsure of What to Expect in Your Personal Injury Claim? Our Texas Personal Injury Lawyers Give You Helpful Tips in Their Blog. We will also be posting other helpful information on medical, legal, and social issues of interest.

The Girards Law Firm team understands the confusion you face as you move forward with your personal injury or wrongful death claim. With regular updates to this blog, you can stay informed and get the helpful advice you need.  We will also be posting here other helpful information on medical, legal, and social issues to keep you informed.

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Cognitive Errors Explained in 2 interviews with Pat Coskerry MD

Patient Safety Expert says Cognitive Errors injure patients. Let our Dallas lawyers help you if you have been injured by misdiagnosis

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Misdiagnosis is most common Medical Error in Texas

According to experts "misdiagnosis happens all the time." If you or a loved one suffered needless harm as a result of medical misdiagnosis, let our legal team help you in Texas, Oklahoma, or Arkansas.

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