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If you have suffered a Brain or Spinal Cord Injury due to the Negligence of Another, let our team Help you in Texas, Oklahoma, or Arkansas.


In the United States, more and more people are living with the effects of a brain injury or a spinal cord injury than ever before. Many injuries occur on our roadways at the hands of careless drivers, many in industrial incidents, and many in botched surgeries.

Here are the statistics:

• The annual incidence of spinal cord injury (SCI) is approximately 54 cases per million population in the U.S. or approximately 17,000 new SCI cases each year.

• Vehicle crashes are currently the leading cause of injury, followed by falls, acts of violence (primarily gunshot wounds), and sports/recreation activities.

• The number of people in the U.S. who are alive in 2016 who have SCI has been estimated to be approximately 282,000 persons, with a range from 243,000 to 347,000 persons.

• The average age at injury has increased from 29 years during the 1970s to 42 years currently.

• Males account for approximately 80% of new SCI cases.

• Lengths of stay in the hospital acute care unit have declined from 24 days in the 1970s to 11 days currently. Rehabilitation lengths of stay have also declined from 98 days in the 1970s to 35 days currently.

• Incomplete tetraplegia is currently the most frequent neurological category followed by incomplete paraplegia, complete paraplegia, and complete tetraplegia. Less than 1% of persons experienced complete neurological recovery by hospital discharge.

At the Girards Law Firm, we have a passion for helping those suffering brain and spinal cord injuries as a result of the wrongdoing of others. If you or your loved one have been severely injured, let us help you today.

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Click here to download spinal cord injury facts document from NSCISC.