It seems like every day you get a notice from a credit card company or a cell phone company that they have changed your contract with them and include a document with lots of tiny print.  You probably never read that stuff because it gives you a headache and it wouldn't do you any good even if you could read print that small. But, if you ever get messed over by one of those companies and thought that if it got bad enough you'd take them to court, you will learn that they took your rights to go to the courthouse completely away.  And, by continuing to use the credit card or your cell phone, etc., you agreed to it. But, you might be thinking that the courts would hold such shenanigans unconstitutional and protect you like in the good old days.  Well, you'd be wrong there too. And now, if you have a dispute with a credit card company they will force you into a secret system where they pick the judges and pay the judges and you have to live with whatever help those judges might give you - and then you have to keep it all a secret with forced confidentiality.  How did it happen?  Well, the US Chamber of Commerce is behind it all and they have been working on this for many years replacing judges by heavily financing the campaigns of the ones who think like they do and inserting their favored politicians into office.  Of course, those politicians think just like they do,  We have even come so far as to have a US Supreme Court who declares that "corporations are people" and have allowed unlimited secret corporate contributions into all aspects of elected office. Learn more by reading the document available here.

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