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Evidence-Based Practices proven to reduce Injury to Newborns and their Mothers. Read study here.

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Research has shown that these recurring issues are responsible for the majority of perinatal harm and associated costs, including obstetric professional liability claims:
1. Failure to recognize an infant in distress;

2. Failure to initiate a timely cesarean birth;
3. Failure to properly resuscitate a depressed baby;
4. Inappropriate use of labor-inducing drugs; and
5. Inappropriate use of vacuum or forceps.

In cases brought by the firm, we have advocated for years the use of evidence-based practices proven to reduce needless injury to mothers and newborns. In a recent study, the Perinatal Patient Safety Initiative, three evidence-based practice "bundles" were shown to significantly reduce injuries to newborns and their mothers. Read the results here.

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