By James Girards.

You know how some people have absolutely no shame?  I mean no shame whatsoever?  As if no one in the world is watching?  Well, for the backstory on this post, note that yesterday we blogged about the Tracy Morgan 18-wheeler crash and how it relates to something each of us deals with every day - huge trucks driving next to us on our highways. We noted that there is a group of US Senators who are actually trying to relax the rules designed to prevent needless crashes from tired truckers. Well, last night - LAST NIGHT! - one of those US Senators filed a document designed to take funding away from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in order to cripple the agency at a time when it is trying to update trucking rules and regulations to make the trucking industry safer and to make it accountable for the vast amount of harm that is done when an 80,000 lb big-rig goes out of control and takes out a handful of cars, busses, and bridges on the highway. The shameless soul who filed the document is Senator Steve Daines from Montana. You can read the document as well as the talking points against it by clicking here. If you'd like to give Senator "No Shame" Daines a piece of your mind you can send him an email by clicking here. If you'd like to encourage your own Senators to reject the Daines amendment and instead work to increase safety on our highways, you can do that by clicking here.

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