Though oil spills are the most common type of dangerous pipeline accidents, two recent incidents that occurred in two different states were linked to types of gas. Both accidents resulted in flame-filled explosions that caused quite a bit of damage, but did not injure anyone.


The first pipeline accident happened in Erie, Illinois when a fuel pipeline underneath a cornfield exploded. Filled with a mixture of ethane and propane, the damaged pipeline sent flames 300 feet into the sky. Owned by Houston-based Enterprise Products Partners, the pipeline had a valve that was shut off by employees so as to limit the gas flow to the fire. Investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the fire that caused 80 families in the area to have to evacuate their homes.


The second dangerous pipeline incident occurred in Oklahoma's Pittsburg County. A 12-inch natural gas pipeline caught fire just south of Kiowa, and just west of Highway 69. Like the fire in Illinois, it is unclear as to what caused the pipeline to rupture. The fire it caused burned a hay barn and hay field and left a crater 20 feet deep and 30 feet across after the fire had burned itself out. The pipeline was originally operated by Enogex, which merged with another company to form Enable Midstream Partners earlier this year.


It is alarming that pipeline accidents like this can occur so quickly and without an obvious reason. If you were injured by a pipeline spill or explosion, contact the dangerous pipeline attorneys at The Girards Law Firm today for a free consultation at 888.897.2762.


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