When we undergo medical procedures or take prescribed medicine, we do so with the understanding that complications may arise. Some surgeries or medicines have side effects that are impossible to predict in every patient, it's your doctor's job to make you aware of the complications and hopefully help you to overcome them if they happen.


Unfortunately, when serious complications arise, it can be difficult to determine if they were "expected" or if they are actually the result of negligence on the part of the doctor. When complications can be attributed to negligence, this is when medical malpractice comes into play.


If you're suffering a serious complication, go through all of your paperwork first. If you don't remember you doctor telling you about certain side effects, they may have been addressed in paperwork you received (and may or may not have read). If you received this paperwork and chose not to read it, this is not the doctor's fault. However, if you can find no evidence of a doctor warning you about this particular complication, you may want to look into the possibility of malpractice.


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