By James Girards

On the cutting edge of technology for spinal cord injury patients is the Ekso Bionics exoskeleton suit. This is a device that was originally developed to help soldiers in Afghanistan carry large loads that would be impossible to carry without such a device. It was quickly recognized that the technology could be useful for spinal cord injury patients.We were invited by the Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation Center to watch a patient use the device as part of her rehab session. This is a video of part of that therapy session, involving a courageous teenager who was paralyzed three weeks earlier in a crash. We have masked her identity for privacy reasons. The therapy is thought to help keep the nerve signal pathways working while she recovers from her injuries. In a few years, expect to see paraplegics walking around in public with these suits. We include funds for this equipment as part of our damages model in each spinal cord injury case. Many thanks to the staff of Jim Thorpe for allowing us to observe.

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